This week has been all about preparation preparation preparation which has been really nice, purely because it allows us all in the stage management team to be really prepared to be one step ahead all the time when rehearsals begin next Tuesday (24th September).

Preparing for mark-up has been a particular benefit of having this week off so far as it has allowed us to fully pay attention to the CAD plan and ensure that the mark-up session next Monday will be as efficient and accurate as possible. It was really good to have this session with Will and Chloe as it allowed us to double and (sometimes) triple check certain measurements on the plan, allowing for further accuracy. We came into a particular issue where we found out we couldn’t put the centre line in the centre of the rehearsal space. It came down to a simple solution where we decided to move the centre line about 75cm to stage right in the rehearsal space to allow for the most effective use of the playing space, but this took a lot of discussion and I thought it was a really great conversation/debate that allowed for others and my opinions to be heard, eventually forming a simple and effective solution.

Eli has been fantastic at making sure we are all managing our time effectively to be our most productive on a week where we could easily be in a procrastination-type mood. She is really good at making you feel like you’re trusted in her team as it feels like she’s not always looking over my back even when we have regular catch ups throughout the day to check progress with our check list. I’m definitely going to take this kind of tactic into any management positions in the future as this has really made me as an ASM feel as much as part of the team as everyone else.