So far this week has felt very calm despite the fact that rehearsals began this week, we have all been on top of the majority of tasks from the start and haven’t felt overloaded with new additions or changes.Mark up was a particularly interesting session. Luckily chorus vocal rehearsals in the morning finishing early meant that we could have a healthy head start on getting the mark up down for when we carried on during the scheduled session in the afternoon.

Unfortunately I was the only person to make a large error in the form that I had been making my measurements 4cm short for most of the mark up as I didn’t read where the start of the measuring tape was properly (there was a finger handle that seemed to be part of the measurement that I disregarded). As by the time we noticed we had completed 2/3 of the mark up, I thought it best to carry on doing the same thing I was doing as everything looked fine, just 4cm shorter in distance from the centre line each way.On Friday we sat down as a team and marked out significant areas of the CAD plan to put in the rehearsal room for people to have a better idea of the set. I thought this was a really good idea because not only is it going to benefit the company in their understanding of the plan but also we have the same idea as a team on the intricacies of the plan.Speaking of team work, Eli and Georgia held a session where we could sit and listen to a chunk of Act 2 and take timings of the score together which I thought was a fantastic idea not only for bettering our understanding of the score and content, but building our relationship as a whole team. If I am ever to be in an SM or DSM role on an opera in future I would definitely hold a similar session.Sitting in rehearsals has also been a really positive experience. I have learnt hands on my responsibilities as an assistant stage manager in the rehearsal room, cueing company members on stage and managing props, all while still gaining a better understanding of the opera. Being placed on a cycling rota for when each of us as ASM’s are in rehearsal is really good too because it gives us the chance to experience rehearsals, communicate anything that came up during the session afterwards and also have an adequate frame of time to research and source props. I am really happy with the management style of Eli and Georgia and am learning a huge amount from them.