So for the intensity of the rehearsal period has maintained the same speed as the day it started (I’d describe it as ‘walking in the park’ pace). This has been good because it means that I’m not worried about missing deadlines for preparing for meetings with the designer/director and the other ASM’s and myself are able to spend large chunks of time in the rehearsal room. It does however mean that there are days which feel less productive but that’s not to say they aren’t!

We ran into a slight issue when meeting the designer (Adrian) where I was showing my notes and images on my tablet to maintain the ‘experiment’ of trying to be as paperless as possible. Chloe and Will decided at the las minute that they also wanted to show ther documents on my tablet which was fine as it worked, it just took quite a lot of time to open and make the files usable to take notes on with Adrian waiting with us in the meeting. If this were to be done again I would make sure that we all as ASM’s are prepared for any meetings with creatives as this little incident made us look slightly unprepared and therefore wouldn’t have gained much trust with Adrian.

Also within the meeting we had arranged to visit the prop stores both in Silk Street and Car Park. Quite serious rainfall meant that we couldn’t visit Car Park without looking like we had gone for a swim so Eli with her quick thinking managed to rearrange for Adrian to sit in rehearsals which meant that he didn’t waste any time being around Guildhall. It really showed that you have to be flexible and ready to change plans at any time.

Georgia set us a task at the beginning of the week for us to have learnt the real names of the company for the show and it really worked well both as a team building and also practically as a way of being sure that we know who everyone is. I think that doing this task was really beneficial and I would try this with teams that I have to manage in the future!