This week I started making risk assessments towards the production from items that have come out of rehearsals. It’s been lovely though as the crossover between operas was quite smooth, felt like a natural progression as we had days off where we have been working on autumn opera scenes then going back to opera 1.

We had trouble finding flooring materials for the show due to suppliers not providing sample materials. We solved this problem by spending 3 hours with designer going to carpet right and picking with her the carpet we need so we can have it in time for fit-up.

I’ve observed Tom making daily calls now we’ve started getting into fit up. It’s interesting to see this process and has informed me on how I might go ahead with making daily calls if I PM a production in the future.

I re-learnt knot tieing for clovehitch when temporarily lifting triple E track (without steels). This is an important skill to know as it is important to be confident about it since this rigging will be suspending items in the air for a short amount of time, and I am glad that I know that for when I do my second PA allocation for opera 3.

In other news I haven’t got to drive a genie for any purpose but wanted to put qualification to use so I did a little drive around before we put them away.