This week we have made significant progress on propping. Still some work to be done but it finally starts to feel like we’re making proper progress.

In the rehearsal room we have finally started making props tables look nice. Chloe and Will usually look after their own props tables so I try not to have too much input since I am not in charge of a wing. I think paying more attention to the layout helps when having to find props or do shout checks, and Will hasn’t taped out areas for specific props like Chloe which makes the items on his table seem a bit more random and unorganised. I made my mark by printing out labels showing which table has what purpose, such as SL props table, Rehearsal Costume and weapons table etc.

This week Eli and myself have ventured out to the National Theatre Prop Hire House in search of a few items, most importantly a sofa and ankle cuffs. We took some details of possible sofa options but only took a selection of ankle cuffs from the hire house. It was really impressive that we managed to bargain taking the ankle cuffs and return the ones we didn’t want the next day for free so that we had the opportunity to show Adrian and Stephen, so that was a really good moment where I learnt to ask despite the low chances of being told yes, because sometimes it might even happen.