Another productive week! Really getting there with things, even though after last Wednesday we ended up not using anything from the National Theatre Prop hire house. I think in future I wouldn’t really take things that haven’t been approved as a photo can tell enough information to the director and designer, since I now have to make a return at a later date.

I had a few adventures by myself this week to try get a few more things ticked off the to-do list. These places were:

Greenwich market – for hip-flasks and flagons. I found a hip-flask but it turned out that the shop owner who sold flagons was not in on the day I went. It is very difficult to know which traders will be in a market on any given day so I must’ve just had a stroke of bad luck.

IKEA – for tea towels, no real life changing experiences to report, standard IKEA trip.

City Hardware – I think from this trip I learnt that instead of struggling just ask questions. I spent way too long looking for a small chain that was really easy to find once I asked for help.

Boots – standard boots shopping experience!

The props spread was on Monday and I think it was a real success. Stephen and Adrian took their time looking at all the props in detail and we got some really positive notes out of it. I think we layed out the table in a very good way by putting props used by a certain character together so we could get a sense of each characters style. I think that Stephen and Adrian are really happy with our progress, nothing is looking too difficult to source now.

Classic Prop Hire is the second prop hire house I went to yesterday with Will. The journey was filled with issues so it’s good we left plenty of time to get there. Once we did get there they were very helpful as usual and we found the sofa we needed and we’re done in 10-15 minutes with a quote received and forwarded to Eli. I think that means that one of the more difficult props to source has been gotten, we just need to confirm it and get the sofa put into an addi lee. I really think it’s important to make use of as much time as possible and Eli really plans it well, so it’s something I’m definitely going to take into future projects.

I’ve been sewing a lot more this week, making a large net for a butterfly net. The material I had was weak so I learnt so much about ensuring that I could get the sewing machine to do what I wanted. A lot of fiddling and experimenting brought it all together in the end. I also properly learnt to use the sewing machine which I have done before but this reaffirmed my knowledge.

This evening we as a stage management team all came together and made sure we had all the entrance and exits in our scores. It was a good session to be back as a full team again and be able to make sure we’re all on the same page when we go into the theatre soon! I really think this was a beneficial session for all of us and I would definitely hold it when I have to lead teams in the future.