This week has been such a massive learning curve. So much has happened I hardly remember even doing the rehearsal room get out a couple days ago.

Last week the studio runs happened and were a real success. We had no real issues making sure everyone got their cues and there were no errors in people not having the right props or props at all. I think this is due to the significant amount of time we’ve all spent in the rehearsal room throughout this process and really highlights the importance of being there to help the dsm in the rehearsal room as well as carrying out all the other propping tasks.

The rehearsal room get out happened and it was the first time at guildhall I’ve had a team of people who are there to help me so it was good to learn a small bit of team management.

Starting tech has been a blast. We’ve got through quite a lot and it’s felt like we’ve been in the theatre for 5 weeks already. I think the most important thing that has come to my attention is planning paperwork as it has been a lifesaver for now we’re in the theatre. Documents such as Georgia’s entrance and exit plot with preliminary settings lists have been great, but having things written in my score has been most important as I know most of the information needed as we get to it rather than having to catch up which would seem very unprofessional. To say I’ve not had fun would be a lie!