It’s over, curtain down, and very proud of the work that the SM team has done. I really feel like we’ve had the most positive journey and I had a blast.

Starting with the shows. Even though we did four shows it felt like they went on for a while, but also it didn’t quite feel like I had enough time to properly learn my plot.

I feel very confident in cueing people on stage now compared to when I first was encouraged to start doing it in rehearsals.

Our third show on Friday was a good lesson in making sure that you don’t get too relaxed with a show even when you think you have it because I fell victim to almost missing two of the cues on my plot through nobodies fault but my own.

I really do feel like we came leaps and bounds as a company though through this process. I’ve made really good friends with lots of new people and had some really good moments. I think the positivity that the creatives, singers and production team brought really created this sense of community within the whole company and we ended up having such a great time. I’ll sum up the past week in these photos: