This week has been big on learning. I learnt about the automation system we’re using with Matt Freeman and then started working on rigging and prepping for pendant and curtain arrival. When it arrived got it up and started working on the intricacies. Matt had all the essential knowledge and I feel like he taught me lots about the intricacies of the system. If I have to use automation or manual curtain tracking in future I now know how it works.

When props finished with their makes we helped them move a huge bed from silk street and it was painful to say the least. I’m not sure who’s responsibility it is to move large items from props into Milton court venues but it felt like just because I was around the workshops at that convenient time it meant I had to help, and I ended up taking a lead on the move when I think a member of the props department should have taken the lead.

We layed down the lino floor this week. We had many methods suggested to us for laying it but we found one that worked which involved a method I observed during last year’s opera double bill where you place the lino flooring down and reveal the tape while applying pressure from a brush from behind to eliminate any bumps. I’m quite proud of how it turned out and I am glad that I can recall from last year’s experiences crewing on productions for the benefit of shows I am now PA on.

We’ve been working a lot with first year crew and I think I developed my management skills as a result, helping them with tasks and making sure they all had something to do most of the time, fostering a safe and positive work experience (and they all seemed to enjoy it from what they have told me). It’s sad to see them go but they’ve been an invaluable help towards the progress of fit up.