Panelling this week has proven to be one of those tasks that seems minor but is in fact a big problem solving task, we had lots of input from rest of team on dealing with unistrut bars and had to crunch a lot of numbers but it all worked out in the end and it now looks great.

It’s been another learning week for automation. Matt Freeman has been working hard with us so we understand the essentials of the hardware and software of the auto systems as to ensure effective problem solving if needed during the performances starting Thursday. I think this will be useful as there are several things that could go wrong.

I have really developed a close bond with the team in this production, not just on production management but every department. We all get along well, jobs get done, and everyone’s happy. It’s one of the most positive and safe working environments I’ve been in at a theatre. I think this is partly to do with Toms production managing style and I’m continually observing him so I can see what he does great for if I PM a show in the future.

I spent a day in tech rehearsals programming the automation which was an amazing experience. I learnt a lot and understood the time pressures of the job and Matt gave tips on how the professionals program an auto system in the west end. It was one of the most informative days I have had and I’m glad that I had my associated studies in automation last year to give me the basic tools to be confident in programming last week.

We’re currently having issues rigging border to hide the mechanical side of the curtain track. Hopefully it will be solved soon, we just need to wait for more fabric to arrive which Julia has ordered which feels last minute but it’s been a great experience in trial and error tactics.