The shows have now all happened!!

I was operating the friday evening performance in which we had two issues with curtain track where it got caught. I feel very proud of myself since I managed to both times keep calm and think in the moment what the best solution is at that exact time. The issue was fixed in good time.

We performed a full service of the automation system on Monday as we needed to ensure that the problems we experienced last Friday wouldn’t re-surface. Luckily this full service eliminated any problems for the last two performances.

On Monday we had an issue with a wobbly curtain stage right side in act 2. The I was minor but interesting to see how little it takes to stop things working properly as it took two bits of rubber crumb from the air cannon which stuck to the wheels of the curtain track carriages. We cleaned the curtain track for the final performance.

The strike was very quick and successful. We all worked hard and were done within 4 hours. Tom’s pm style was very effective as I have seen production managers at guildhall in the past not willing to get stuck in but Tom acted as much of a leader as he did a team player and really had everyone on his side, allowing for a really nice and positive strike. I have learnt so much from Tom and Matt in this process which has been lovely and I feel very prepared for starting my PA elective in term 3!