This week has been really great to prepare and get to grips with the new way of working at Guildhall. I took on what I really liked while ASM-ing on La Fedelta Premiata last year and made sure that we got a general scope of props from red door and car park for in case Stephen wants to add anything extra during the rehearsal period. Time will tell if that will end up being useful but I am hopeful about it since it worked last year.

I have worked on starting my prompt book this week, and having not DSM-ed properly in the past, I chose to make a very general layout and see what I end up using. Again, I’m sure time will tell what I’ll learn from this!

It’s been interesting not feeling obligated to come into Guildhall all the time, instead being discouraged from doing it (and rightly so at the moment). I feel a little underprepared since I can’t get advice and bounce ideas off of the rest of my year group, but at least I live with a bunch of Stage Managers so I have their input. Hopefully as the production gets closer to stage I’ll be in Guildhall more and able to get that collaborative atmosphere back.

I’ve been quite nervous about going into Toynbee next week. Not really knowing much about the rehearsal studios is going to add an element of surprise to next Mondays get in. I do think that it’s great that this is a more authentic industry experience however and I feel like I’m learning how to deal with the little inconveniences of not having everything in the same building already.

Next week is the proper start with rehearsals beginning, but I already very much out of my comfort zone, especially with six ASM’s on the team. I feel it makes ensuring they’re happy a larger task, but Will has managed them well and I think that’s a really good of him to be able to do that during a week where there’s a lot of waiting around.

I’ve built a system for registering people in and out of the rehearsal room from next week, using a form that is an extension of this website, and is accessible by using a QR code. It’s been one thing that I’ve learnt to do among many coronavirus precautionary things I’ve had to learn, but much like most things on this production, it’s all new so it’s going to be really interesting to see what works and what doesn’t!

I’m really excited to see what future Sam in 7 weeks time will be like. Will he have completed the production? Is he competent as a DSM? What coronavirus related challenges will have popped up? This year really is a year of unknowns.

A photo of the huge painting recently taken down in the Silk Street Theatre