We started rehearsals! Aaaah! I found the format of doing a blended in person and online meet and greet very awkward. I’m not sure what we expected with it being the first time anyone at Guildhall has done it (that’s a quote I’m sure will be said a lot in this production) but it was really difficult to make the process flow nicely. I really liked Dominics method of introducing the music department by getting anyone not in the group he mentions to turn off their camera so that their faces would go to the front page. I feel like Will felt very nervous having to run the session, and a little more thought and planning into running the session might have gone a long way to making it feel less awkward. I will certainly be taking this experience into the spring opera scenes production next term.

A rather large mistake myself and Will made was not knowing layout of room beforehand. Not understanding what Stephen wanted beforehand was an error that I should’ve foreseen however I didn’t know the layout of the room beforehand to ask for an opinion. In retrospect, in planning I should have emailed Toynbee to ask for a plan of the room so that I could’ve readily had the information to understand the layout a lot sooner. Turns out that even if you reduce the size of the ground plan to fit the room better, that is not a very productive option as nothing else has been reduced in size, making the mark out more counterproductive to the process.

Enjoying the first proper rehearsal though! So odd to be a third year.


First full day of rehearsals. Slowly slowly understanding Stephen. He’s Lazer focussed on what’s happening on stage so I feel really awkward about interrupting him, I guess I’ll learn how to best talk to him in the coming weeks.


There were no asms this morning, so I was flying solo. Whenever I stand to wait for Stephen I always feel like he thinks I want to interrupt him. I just need to remember that I’m doing it for his best interests. I’m sure I’ll become more confident in time.


Stephen asked today for page references but I wasn’t confident enough to tell him, especially as the assistant conductor gave a wrong answer while I was looking at the right one, so I thought I was wrong. I never really feel confident enough to firmly answer questions Stephen asks about anything, maybe I wasn’t prepared enough to start rehearsals, or maybe I just am too worried to make mistakes if they were to happen.


Stephen said that he wants to have a 5 min talk at the end of every day to make sure that notes from the report are correct, so that is something we started today. However, that is something I should’ve asked at the start of the week. Otherwise, he is super happy with progress made this week so I will continue to build upon the new knowledge I now have.