Nothing went majorly wrong before lunch. Luckily a slower morning for blocking which meant I could sneakily answer emails and messages that were still being asked. Funny moment though; Stephen called break in Italian and the room went silent for a few moments while I processed that we started a break. Now I know what “pausa” means!!


Stephen was late back from break getting coffee. I should’ve asked music team to do some work with singers but I waited for Stephen to return. Next time I will speak to Dominic to get the session back up and running.


Was given the note by Caroline to say that we were ready after resetting. Difficult to figure out how to do that now that suddenly after not doing it for so long. But I will try to add it into the process from now on, lets see how that goes!


The day Stephen had to self isolate!! I was very nervous to start the day, it felt like I had to command the room more than I needed to previously when Stephen was in person. But it was surprisingly easy to still carry on rehearsals as if he was in the room.


I now feel in the swing of things regarding virtual Stephen.

The team really stepped up when I needed to sort out calls about a burglary at home in the morning which was really sweet. Could’ve lost my prompt book forever and not sure how I could’ve prevented that aside from it being really lucky that the thief decided not to properly steal my full bag. I guess I won’t leave it in a room I’m not in for a prolonged amount of time.

We ran Susanna which was great, and ASM’s were very attentive. Some things went wrong but I looked around to ask ASM’s to fix something rather than taking command of the situation while also focussing on blocking myself. Overall, a really huge week to say that the middle portion of rehearsals usually becomes quite stagnant and I feel like I’ve been able to roll with any new situation that has come up and I feel ready to tackle any future DSM work I may have as I have a real appreciation for being able to adapt at a moment’s notice to a new factor or change in the rehearsal room.