This week was quite uneventful, but good for preparing for the busier weeks to come!


May Howard joined as AD today! Felt very reassuring that a representative for Stephen was in the room again.

Had a very productive tutorial with Caroline and got lots of things to work on in the next couple weeks as we build up to studio runs and moving into silk street theatre:

Tech plot – gained lots of insightful knowledge of what to include and how to make it useful for all departments.


I am struggling to deal with the similarities between roles with the AD and myself. Not sure whether that is just because May has a Stage Management background, but it feels like sometimes responsibilities I would usually take on are being done by her. I will learn to adapt though, I suppose it’s just odd to have such a change half way through the process rather than at the beginning.


I learnt today that I should understand the question that is being asked before I answer. I told Stephen I didn’t have timings when I actually did. Felt like a bit of an off day. Not sure why? Still powered through, I think that’s quite important even if things aren’t necessarily all going to plan.