Stephen returns!! Had a rough morning, not sure if it was tiredness or not quite getting into the swing again for a couple hours. The afternoon felt a lot better. Finally found a better way to record the rehearsal room, shame it had to happen when we’re only using the room for the final few days. At least it’ll be right for the first studio run tomorrow. Lots of questions took my attention away from the room a couple times but Kate really stepped up in a surprising way and was ahead of even myself at points with resets and figuring out solutions to things. I was very grateful for this help.


The studio run felt really successful. I had a really fun time running things from my little command centre with zoom. Got a timelapse of what happened, it was really good. The plan was for Will to run the room but I think he got nervous because he hadn’t done it before (hopefully he’ll be fine for the stage and piano, though I think this experience gave him that time). We had a bloomin fire alarm so I had to stop rehearsals, pretty wild. Trust that to happen on the studio run rather than a regular rehearsal session. Missed something with the setting for Zanetto but luckily the fire alarm actually allowed us to fix that issue (few). Had real trouble dealing with Stephen as he would just talk and talk until he couldn’t talk anymore. Overall, thanks to careful consideration and planning of people movement in the building, we pulled off a very safe and successful studio run.


we had a rehearsal where I had was ASM-less, which for this production has been a rarity. And I realise how great they’ve been because I was running around like a mad man setting up while also dealing with the beginning of rehearsal things (setting up the room). It was really nice to be able to get up and run around the rehearsal room rather than sat with the trust that the ASM’s would be amazing. Really interesting to watch the filming sessions.


very similar formats as there were no scheduled rehearsals, only filming. These two days were such a godsend, I got to catch up on so much that I would’ve otherwise been dedicating my weekend to, but I feel really confident that I can go into the Stage and Piano with ease. I need to remember that there’s a Monday Studio Run still because there’s so much preparation for going into the theatre on Tuesday. I’m so nervous, but I think that’s natural, especially for someone who has never really properly had command of a prompt desk before. I really hope I’m up to it, another future thing I guess.