studio run 2 happened. Learnt from Studio run 1. We had lighting session issues. Will had been CC’d into an email last week about lighting sessions that I should have been in, however that wasn’t communicated to me. So I turned up in the morning thinking I had time to do some work before we started Stage and Piano 1. However, that time was lost when I was rushed into the theatre.


Stage and piano 1+2. Today I was learning how to call a show. I spent most of the morning with lots of anxiety but I managed to keep calm and collected throughout. Not really sure I’m quite to grips with boh calls but I need to make a proper script. I muddle my words otherwise.


Stage and piano 3+4. I kept trying to stay cool and managing when to reset with the team. Simon didn’t really know where he was for the second half of the opera so I tried my best to help out. Luckily it’s not a hugely busy opera so I could work with Simon with where he wanted the cues to take place.


Stage and piano 5+6. Today felt very long because cameras mostly took up the day. I do feel quite confident with the stage and piano process now.


Sitz and stage and orchestra 1. Anticipating when we’re going to move on or go back was something I tried to focus on and felt like I managed after the first couple tries. I had definitely developed my learning from Fedelta last year. I spent the evening lighting session doing a cue to cue and really enjoyed having a voice in where we were throughout the session. Feel more confident with giving commands to walkers in the lighting session.