Last stage and orchestra sessions. Learnt that being on top of scheduling is so important because the whole morning session was all over the place because the wrong orchestra was called. Learnt to check ALL the sound q’s, not just the first one! I looked rather foolish when I said I was confident the gunshot sound was going off, even though it wasn’t.


Dress run 1. Worked very well. Was very nervous so my timings weren’t that good. Luckily I have Ross to keep timings tomorrow while I become more confident with calling the show.


Dress run 2. I find dealing with the broadcast team is a challenge. They don’t seem to use preparation time wisely and therefore we went up late for two of the three operas today. I have spoken about it with them and hopefully it won’t be a persistent issue when calling the show going into the performances.


Dress run 3. Didn’t know that we weren’t running it under normal show conditions until an hour before the run. I don’t know why I don’t get CC’d into emails that affect me but Will doesn’t ever let me know, even though he knows I often get missed from certain emails.


Dress run 4. Definitely my worst run so far, despite being this far into the process. It shows that you really cant get too confident with the piece or else mistakes will happen. It was really interesting, because I felt really bad about it but the mistakes that were brought up by Stephen showed that he didn’t even notice. So when I told him, he actually said he preferred the mistakes I made to the actual written Q’s. I feel very prepared for the performances now! Bring it on.