Performance 1. I was very nervous since I had not ran the performance to time with the orchestra, and we had loosely run the beginning sequences with several changes made the previous week. However, that aside, I think it was my best called performance so far. I was very proud of the work I did.


I was forced into self isolation. Hoping for a 48 hour turnaround before returning to Guildhall, I trained Ross from home on the book, but luckily he was very attentive and quickly got to grips with it. I think a large part of the success of this was him shadowing me throughout the stage and piano/orchestra and dress run process. I was very nervous but I imagine he was more nervous when the show went up.


I was plunged into self isolation for the full 2 week period, meaning I only got to call one of the performances. It was not the most reassuring news and I had a good cry but I am glad that the rest of the production was in good hands.

Next Monday (9th, final performance):

One of the operas were cancelled due to another covid-19 situation, so I was in calls making sure that Ross was fine for the final performance. It was interesting to learn how much I wasn’t informed anymore, even though I still knew the show well enough to give valid opinions that would’ve helped.